Private Pilot Ground SchoolPrivate Pilot Ground School

Courses are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm. They are held several times during the year.

Also available: Online PPL Course. Contact Dispatch at 905.684.9447 to register. (sign in here)

This course is 45 hours long and exceeds Transport Canada standards. It will provide you with the knowledge needed to pass the Transport Canada Private Pilot written exam. Once you have paid for the course, you may return as often as you want.

Online Ground School

The St. Catharines Flying Club offers our own Online Ground School which can really help the student pilots who can’t make it to all the ground school classes, or for those who have a far commute and can’t make it to the flying club at all. Our Online Ground School is available 24/7 for you to review classes or study in advance at your own speed, making it convenient and efficient to get your Private Pilot Licence on a schedule that’s best for you. It is available for students both nationally and internationally.


Advanced Ground School

Advanced Ground School

Contact Dispatch at 905.684.9447 to register. (sign in here)

This course is for the Private Pilot who wishes to upgrade his skills to the next level. Contact the club at 905-684-9447 for dates or check the calendar for announcements of starting times. Our Advanced Pilot Ground School is also offered online so you can learn at your own pace, studying in advance, or reviewing what you learn from our classroom sessions.

 Aero Course ATPL/IATRA

Date TBD. Contact Dispatch at 905.684.9447 to register. (sign in here)

Garmin 430W basic course

This is a 2 hour course. Date TBD. Contact Dispatch at 905.684.9447 to register. (sign in here)