Minimum Requirements - TC


  • 200 hours flight-time experience, including 100 as Pilot-in-Command, 20 hours cross-country Pilot-in-Command.
  • 65 hours flight training in the aircraft category (ie: aeroplane or helicopter), including no less than 35 hours dual with a flight instructor, plus 30 hours solo.
  • Of the 35 hours of dual flight, 5 hours must be night (including 2-hour night cross-country), and 20 hours must be instrument time (flight by reference only to flight instruments); a maximum of 10 hours instrument simulator time may be credited toward the 20 hours instrument time required.
  • Of the 30 hours solo flight time emphasizing improvement in flying skills, there must be a cross-country flight to a point not less than 300 nautical miles from the point of departure, with 3 full-stop landings.  The 30 solo hours must also include 5 hours by night and completion of 10 circuits.

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