Minimum Requirements - TC



  1. (a) Knowledge – An applicant shall have obtained a minimum of 70% on the written examination Instrument Rating (INRAT) which shall include the following subjects:
    1. (i) Canadian Aviation Regulations;
    2. (ii) Instrument Flight Rules and Procedures;
    3. (iii) Meteorology;
    4. (iv) Instruments;
    5. (v) Radio and Radar systems; and
    6. (vi) Navigation.
  2. (b) ExperienceAn applicant shall have completed a minimum of:
    1. (i) 50 hours of cross-country flight as pilot-in-command in aeroplanes or helicopters of which 10 hours must be in the appropriate category; and
    2. (ii) 40 hours of instrument time of which a maximum of 20 hours may be instrument ground time.

Instrument Rating – Transport Canada – Details