The St. Catharines Flying Club is registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act and approved as a vocational program to provide Instructor Rating and Commercial Pilot training.

We have a Transport Canada Flight Examiner on Staff

Before a student pilot can receive a private pilot licence or recreational pilot permit, he or she must be able to demonstrate proficiency in their flying skills and satisfactory knowledge.

Flying skills will need to be demonstrated to a designated Transport Canada examiner on a flight test, with a specified number of dual and solo hours flight training that is to be completed prior to the actual flight test being attempted.

Additionally, general knowledge of various topics related to flying must be shown in order to be successful when writing a Transport Canada multiple-choice written examination.

Prior to being recommended to write a Transport Canada written exam, a student pilot must complete the Ground School requirements, complete the required flight training, and obtain the appropriate Medical Certificate.

The purpose of Ground School is to prepare the student pilot for the Transport Canada written examination and to develop the sufficient knowledge that would be expected of a pilot.  By introducing the student to such subjects as the theory of flight, airframes and engines, meteorology and navigation, aeronautics and flight procedures and air law, the student pilot will gain knowledge to successfully complete the written examination and to safely enjoy being a pilot.