Minimum Requirements - TC



For admission to a flight test required for the issuance of a Multi-Engine Class Rating and to meet the requirements of CAR Standard section 421.14 and Schedule 7 of Standard 428, the candidate will present:

  1. an “Aviation Document” licensing booklet – Aeroplane category with medical certification validating the licence;
  2. a recommendation letter dated within 30 days prior to the flight test from a person qualified in accordance with section 425.21(5) of the Personnel Licensing Standards certifying that:
    1. the candidate has received training in accordance with the Instructor Guide – Multi-Engine Class Rating (TP 11575);
    2. the candidate has successfully completed a pre-test evaluation of all the applicable flight test items;
    3. the candidate is considered to have reached a sufficient level of competency to undertake the flight test for the issuance of a multi-engine class rating;
    4. the candidate is recommended for the flight test.

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