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The recreational pilot permit (RPP) allows you to fly, a single engine, non-high performance aeroplane designed for a maximum of four seats. You may fly in Canada during day visual flight rules only, carrying no more than one passenger. This permit is suitable for a recreational flyer or a young pilot who does not yet meet the age requirement for a private pilot licence.


The holder of a recreational pilot permit shall be a minimum of sixteen years of age and hold a category 4 medical certificate. A candidate may begin flight training prior to the age requirement of the permit.


It is highly recommended, though not mandatory, to complete the Private Pilot Ground school in order to prepare for the written exam at Transport Canada. The exam has 80 multiple choice questions. You must obtain a minimum of 60% on the overall exam, as well as each of the four sections of the exam listed below.

1. Air law- Regulations, rules and orders, air traffic services, practices and procedures, and licensing requirements relevant to the permit.

2. Navigation- navigation, radio aids and electronic theory;

3. Meteorology

4. Aeronautics- general knowledge- airframes, engines and systems, theory of flight, flight instruments, flight operations and human factors.


You must complete a minimum of 25 hours of flight training under the direct supervision of a certified flight instructor. The flight training shall include a minimum of:

a) 15 hours dual instruction flight time, including 2 hours cross-country time b) 5 hours solo flight time

You are also required to successfully complete a flight test for the recreational pilot permit. This can conducted by the Designated Flight Test Examiner on staff at the St. Catharines Flying Club.

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